Air purification and disinfection systems

SAP-1C and LR50 systems

Our system are recommended from small rooms to bigger offices. Depends on the demand we can offer systems for large areas too with our partner companies.

SAP-1C air purification system

With the SAP1C we combine the scientifically proven effectiveness of UVC radiation for air disinfection and especially for the inactivation of viruses with highly efficient filter technology.

  • We can reduce the number of bacteria and viruses by more than 99,99% 
  • Eliminates aerosols and coarse and fine dusts (PM2.5) that are annoying for allergy suffers
  • Intelligent fully automatic cleaning
  • Air exchange rate: more than 5 times per hour for a room area of 30m2
  • Touch design: timer and sleeper mode
  • Extremely quiet operation with only 35 db (A)
  • 6 fold function: pre-filter, HEPA-filter, photocatalyst filter, UVC sterilization and ionizer
  • 4- color display for air quality with PM2.5 laser sensor
  • Without chemicals and O3-free
  • Optional: WiFi function

LR 50 air purification system


  • Ozone eliminates odors very quickly
  • Enviromental friendly design-without chemicals
  • Air purifier for allergy sufferers-against viruses/pollen/smoke and mold
  • Useable up to 150 m3 room areas
  • Material of the house: stainless steel 1.4301 instead of plastic
  • Ozone-free UV is available as an option

Application areas:

  • Production areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Reataurants
  • Vehicles: buses/trains/cars

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