Lighting applications

Here you can find below our special lamps, like LED-lamps or Plasmalamp

Our special lamps: Recommended for horticultural application

Based on your demand, we can help to grow for your vegetables  in your greenhouses under the natural sunlight!


Sulfur Plasmalamp

  • High efficiency light, which contains all colours of the natural sunlight (LED-s regularly have only red and blue dominance)
  • Lamp operation time is approx. 20000 hours
  • Lumen yield: 110 lm/W (better than Class “A”)
  • Highly recommended, where a high-efficiency “natural sunlight” source is needed, like horticultures .
  • Very good experiences with vegetables and cannabis

Growlightengine LED lamp

  • Spectrum contains all colours (advantage compared to other LED’s, which contains more red and blue colours)
  • Low energy consumption: 290 W
  • Compact design: only 3,2 kg weight, made from aluminium and plastic parts are 98% recycled
  • Better choice for the horticulture purposes than HPS lamps
    (price, spectrum, operation sensitivity)
  • Unique passive cooling, dont use fans inside
  • Beam angle 120 degrees
  • IP67 protection
  • 10 years maintenance free

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