Here you can find below our UVC-lamps, and the most important informations about the available types and application areas

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  • Standard low pressure lamps
  • High-Output low pressure lamps
  • Amalgam low pressure lamps
  • Medium pressure lamps
  • Ozone-free and ozone-generating lamps

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  • WEDECO etc.

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  • Disinfection (air,water, surfaces)
  • Photochemistry (pollutant degradation)
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Deodorizing (animal breeding, industrial extraction and kitchens)
  • Surface modification
  • Curing
  • Matting

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          Low pressure lamps

          Useful life: 10000-16000 h
          Lamp power: up to 800 W
          UVC performance: up to  300 W
          Lamp diameter: 15-38 mm

          Medium pressure lamps

          Lamp power: up to 50 kW


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