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UV SYSTEC is a company, which one is able to help finding the best solution in air-water-surface desinfection themes and in horticultural lighting applications.

Our story is simple...

  • a company with proven 20 years history,
  • based in Thuringia (Germany) also we have international partners too
  •  we like to represent ourselves at exhibitions/Messen
  • We combined our passion of lighting and desinfection together into a small business and so was born UV-SYSTEC

Sulphur plasmalamp

Our best solution if you want the most natural sunlight for your plants. 
The plasmalamp has full spectrum, and your plants can get all colours for their growing!

Growlight engine

If you are thinking in LED’s, this is your choice!

Air disinfection systems

To fill your home and office with fresh and clean air!

How do I know what type of lamp or ballast do I need ?

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