Design and Service

We would like to work with you, so this is the best possibility to find the right way. We offer full services, from the planning phase until the installation.

As for your project , it can be a greenhouse in the horticulture segment, or disinfection by UVC in the food industry, our experts has fantastic ideas and solutions.

Go and explore the possibilities with us!

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Our service process-how does it work?


Get to know you and your specific needs

UV-Systec works with qualified engineers to find the best solution for you. First of all we speak personally or via phone/Zoom etc. and you can help us to clear your demand.
After this consultation we will have a starting concept, and we can issue the specialised offer for you.


Continously consulting after the draft

After our arrangement, we start to work on our common concept. But dont worry, we are here and we can modify every details what you need. We know everything is in change:), so we can adapt us to a new situation. Dont hesitate, our goal is the same as yours: Make your project more efficient!


Worry free care and maintenance

We know the biggest concern for people we work together, "oh what we can do if we are facing this problem, how should we maintain the machines?" But don't worry, we are here to help. When you work with us, this is a part of our partnership, we will be there for all the steps. We don't leave you alone to figure it out.
We are a true partner and will provide ongoing maintenance to keep your installed systems's best conditions. We have friendly, professional, educated service specialists who can help you. We customize our maintenance service for you needs.

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